Review: Aeron Seat Cushions Compared – Stratta, Lovehome, Ergo21

Aeron chairs are awesome, but many people find that the seat portion can get uncomfortable with extended use. After a few hours, you may find your legs and hips are getting numb or achy. Some people online describe this phenomenon as “hammocking.” This can be a particular problem if you’re too thin for the chair and don’t have much built-in padding to protect your boney butt.

I solved this problem with a simple add-on cushion. There’s no “official” Aeron seat cushion, so you’ll need to choose a third-party one. I purchased four different options and tried them over a couple weeks. Overall my favorite was the “Lovehome Cool Gel” seat cushion, but I also really liked the Stratta Mesh seat cushion. I’ve made a YouTube video where I get into the details of all four, or you can keep reading for a synopsis.

Pier 1 Modular Cushion

Grade: C+

Before I ordered fancy add-on cushions online, I had a simple beige seat cushion I purchased from Pier 1 Imports. It’s forgettably called the “Standard Modular Cushion.” This worked fine and definitely was more comfortable than foregoing a cushion altogether, but it didn’t match and got a bit warm over time. Nonetheless, I’ve included the cushion as a nice baseline to compare against.


  • Inexpensive ($45-60)
  • Fits on the chair nicely
  • Color options if you need to coordinate with other colors in your space (“graphite” would be a good choice to match the chair)


  • Gets hot over time
  • “Tubing” around edge can be slightly uncomfortable
  • Style doesn’t match the Aeron

Stratta Mesh

Grade: B+

The Stratta Mesh is the only model I tested that was explicitly designed for the Aeron chair. The Stratta comes in a “Large” model or an “Extra Large” model for the larger Aeron chairs. I used the “Extra Large” model which was very pricey at about $120. The Stratta looks great on the chair, and might even fool some people into believing it’s a first-party accessory designed by Herman Miller. However, I found that the thick plushy pillow undermined the core reasons to buy an Aeron chair — namely, the sleek design and the cool breathable mesh.


  • Best fit for the Aeron chair of options tested
  • Thick padding may be preferable to people who like cushy pillows


  • Gets hot with extended use
  • Very expensive (~$120)
  • Makes your slick Aeron look more like a typical office chair

Pro-tip: If you decide to get the Stratta, don’t bother slipping the front of your Aeron seat into the pocket on the cushion — it looks better and feels better if you just let it rest on top (demonstrated in the video)

Lovehome Cool Gel

Grade: A

The Lovehome Cool Gel may look like a cheapo import model (the description on Amazon includes obvious grammatical mistakes), but it was my overall favorite. The dimpled gel was enough to prevent hammocking, looked modern and minimalist on the chair, and provided the best overall cooling. The Lovehome is currently the cheapest option of the three as well at a modest $40. I’ve owned mine and used it extensively for more than two years and it’s still going strong.


  • “Coolest” option (best heat management)
  • Cheapest option at $40
  • Stylish and modern look


  • Won’t fool anyone into believing this is a part of the chair
  • Size is slightly small for the Aeron “C” (but still comfortable for my use)

Pro-tip: Personally, I think this cushion looks really nice combined with the Atlas Headrest (also highly recommended – see review). If you have both, you develop a nice “matte black” cushion theme in your chair, and it looks more deliberate and matchy matchy.

Ergo21 Original

Grade: D

The Ergo21 Original cushion was my least favorite. The marketing promises advanced technology, but in actual use it looks tacky and performs about the same as any old foam seat cushion. I especially offended by the big, loud branding on the product and by the aggressive manipulation of Amazon reviews (I received multiple emails soliciting for the reviews and there were multiple brochures in the package asking for 5-star reviews). I am happy to see that the Amazon rating has slipped a bit (glad something is working), but don’t be fooled, this is an over-priced and disappointing product.


  • Lightweight, modest comfort improvement – perhaps a little better than typical high-density foam


  • Mediocre heat management (not as strong as Lovehome)
  • Ugly branding all over the product
  • Aggressive marketing hype and Amazon review manipulation
  • Worst fit on the Aeron chair (looks like it belongs on a rounded seat like a dining chair)
  • Expensive ($77-97)


I can highly recommend the Lovehome Cool Gel cushion for the Aeron, but also for other uses. I’ve found myself using it with a meditation floor seat as a back cushion, and I can imagine it would perform great in the car.

I can also recommend the Stratta Mesh seat cushion for people attached to a “perfect match” and/or people who prefer a plush thick cushion and aren’t concerned about heat dissipation.

If you found this review and comparison useful, please do follow my links over to Amazon to make your purchase. All my reviews are unbiased and original, and as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, I get a small commission on any purchase made from links in this article.

One thought on “Review: Aeron Seat Cushions Compared – Stratta, Lovehome, Ergo21

  1. Hello Jake,
    This is Steve Gambhir, product specialist and designer at Ergo21.

    I was reading with interest your views about the cushions that work with Herman Miller chairs.

    Our Ergo21 Original Cushion may not be the best choice for Herman Miller chair. We have another cushion which is softer and thinner that works best with this chair.
    It is our Ergo21 Travel Cushion – one inches, thin profile, softer foam but uses the same 4 LiquiCell membranes.
    We would be glad to send you one to experience and do an update to this post 🙂

    I use our Ergo21 on my Herman Miller and use the Original in my dining chair that does not have good cushioning. Original works well in a car that has hard seats. It is 2 inches thick with a denser foam.

    Feel free to contact me if needed.

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