Video Review: Fotomix LB-A7M2 L-plate for Sony A7Rii, A7ii, A7Sii

I’ve used and enjoyed the Fotomix LB-A7M2 L-bracket for over a year with both a Sony a7ii and a Sony A7Rii. I’ve just posted a quick video review with my recommendation. You can pick one up on Amazon for about $21 (vs. $175 for the comparable L-bracket from ReallyRightStuff – the BA7R2-L).

Here’s a quick synopsis of my review:

Comparable to RRS, for about 12% the price

  • Both are compatible with ARCA or RRS clamps
  • Both provide complete access to cable ports and battery
  • Both are extremely stable mounted to camera and tripod
  • RRS weighs 3.5oz, Fotomix weighs 2.7oz
  • RRS includes a small mark on the rail to indicate the center of the censor, Fotomix does not

Other Details

  • Mounts easily to the camera body using a coin or Alan key
  • Side bracket is very secure with complementary pins for stability
  • Includes wrist strap attachment
  • Provides complete screen mobility
  • RRS and Fotomix will have slightly different ergonomics where your right pinky finger hits the camera grip. I’ve been happy with the feel of the Fotomix, even with large hands.


I’ve been very pleased with the Fotomix L-bracket. I’m willing to splurge for RRS or other high-end gear when needed, but in this case I’m very glad to have kept my $150+.

If you decide to pick one up, please follow my link to Amazon to help support this blog. I get a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate program.

Thoughts or feedback? I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments 🙂

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