Video: DIY Studio Backdrop with Blanket and Curtain Rod

With the right curtain rod and blanket or sheet, you can create an awesome studio backdrop with just an $8 set of clamps. In this video I explain how:

When I wanted to improve the look of my YouTube videos, I started reading all about “background support systems” and “muslin backdrops” and felt quite discouraged. I live in a small apartment, so I disliked the idea of plunking down a giant metal contraption and bulky rolls of fabric.

Then I noticed my curtain rods looked a lot like the “background support systems”… and my extra bed sheets and blankets looked nicer than the “muslin backdrops.” As it turns out, this specialized-sounding “muslin” is just “lightweight cotton cloth.”

I decided to take a chance and make a DIY backdrop with a throw blanket and a cheap set of clamps… and it worked great! If you’ve considered trying something similar, I say go for it. You probably only need a set of clamps (which you’ll need anyway), so you might as well give it a try before you spring for the big “system.”

Good luck! If you found this helpful, please do follow the links from this post to pick up your clamps on Amazon to help support my blog. I’ll get a small commission through the Amazon Affiliates program.


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