Video: Shoulder Strap vs. Wrist Strap Showdown!

What’s worse than dropping your camera? Handing your camera to someone else and watching *them* drop it. The classic solution is to use a shoulder strap or wrist strap, but which is better? I just posted a little video where I examine the pros and cons and recommend my favorite gear along the way:

Shoulder Strap Pros and Cons

+ Minimalist, bagless solution is the least bulky

+ Fastest time-to-shoot

– Camera is very exposed around your shoulder and may get damaged

– You don’t have anywhere to safely stash your camera when you need to set it down

– No place to store batteries and critical accessories

Wrist Strap (+Tiny Bag) Pros and Cons

+ Camera is protected around your shoulder

+ Camera is protected if you need to set it down or stash in a larger bag for travel

+ Room for batteries and accessories

– Slower time to shoot (unless it’s in your hand!)

– Slightly bulkier

My Picks

Overall, I recommend getting a wrist strap and a small bag. There are just too many times when you’ll want a little protection, and there are too many times when you’ll need an extra battery.

The key is to pick the *right* bag. What you want to look for is the smallest bag that can accommodate your preferred one or two lens kit. This way your camera-in-bag is not much bigger than the camera alone.

In my particular setup, I carry a Sony a7Rii body with a Batis 85mm and a Sony Zeiss 35mm and a few extra batteries. All this fits snugly into the Crumpler Pleasure Dome (size medium). It’s an absurdly powerful and tiny kit, allowing me to shoot gorgeous shallow depth of field portraits or tack sharp landscapes. My favorite wrist strap is by Joby because of its comfortable feel and secure attachment mechanism. I’ve also used and enjoyed straps by Peak Design, but the “quick-connecting” mechanisms make me a little squeamish.

I hope you found this quick analysis useful. If you decide to pick up my recommended wrist strap, please do follow the links from this blog post to help support my blog. I’ll get a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate program.

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